Stewardship Update

Even though we are not gathering together on Sundays, you can continue to financially support the ministry of Jesus through His church.

As the Church of God, we still have bills to pay and staff to care for.   This month our annual insurance bill - $16,000! - is due.

We may also be needed in an even greater capacity throughout the region.  This is a great opportunity for all of us to be the Church, to reflect the love of Jesus by having a greater call of generosity and servanthood.  We CAN bless our community through your gifts.

Thank you for your continued generosity!

  • Give NOW with credit/debit/PayPal (click "DONATE" below)
  • You can mail in cheques.
  • You can drop cheques through the mail slot in the Steeple/Tower Door.
  • You can give through e-transfer (, no password required)
  • You can sign up for automatic withdrawal.
  • CALL FIRST!  At the moment, you can still use the debit machine gloves and disinfectant will be available.
  • We will continue to look at expanding the ways you can give financially.

If you have difficulty figuring anything out, call or email the church and we will help:  403-327-2082 or

  • We know some of us are going through difficult financial times: we don't want to add to your stress.
  • Those of us who have stable incomes may be able to give more generously to bless others.  If you do have a stable income, would you consider increasing your giving (even temporarily)?
  • Many of us won't be spending money on travel, vacations, eating out, etc. for a while:  could we make some that money available to help out?
  • All donations will receive an income tax receipt at year end

Thank you.