Kid’s Kingdom

Jesus loves kids!  We love kids!  We value your kids!  Kids are the present and future of our community and our church.  Currently our kids' ministries are online, in accordance with provincial government recommendations.

Weekly Resources

Each week our awesome staff prepare a video lesson and provide a worksheet so you can help your family grow together spiritually.

Angela has lots more ideas and resources:  Email Angela.

Year Plan

Check out our plan for the year, September 2020 through June 2021:

2020-2021 Plan

Links to Other Resources

"NORMAL" (Non-Covid) Kids' Kingdom

Kids' Kingdom has something for kids from birth through to grade 5!  Here are the 9:30 options:

  • The Manger. For infants to age 2.
  • The Ark. Teaching for ages 3-5.
  • Daniel's Den.  Grades 1-5 learn in an age-appropriate, challenging, hands-on setting!

During the 11:00 service, children grade 1 and under move to Young Worshipers after a Children's Story.

  • The Ark (nursery) is available for children 2 years old and younger.
  • Children over grade 1 stay in the worship services with their families, and interact with the service through the pizza boxes (grades 1-3) or sermon notes (grades 4-6).  We really want kids to learn to be part of church ... while at the same time recognizing it's a challenge!  The pizza boxes and sermon notes have activities to help keep kids occupied!