Kid’s Kingdom

Kid’s Kingdom has something for kids from birth through to grade 5!  Here are the 9:30 options:

  • The Manger. For infants to age 2.
  • The Ark. Teaching for ages 3-5.
  • Daniel’s Den.  Grades 1-5 learn in an age-appropriate, challenging, hands-on setting!

During the 11:00 service, children grade 1 and under move to Young Worshipers after a Children’s Story.

  • The Ark (nursery) is available for children 2 years old and younger.
  • Children over grade 1 stay in the worship services with their families, and interact with the service through the pizza boxes (grades 1-3) or sermon notes (grades 4-6).  We really want kids to learn to be part of church … while at the same time recognizing it’s a challenge!  The pizza boxes and sermon notes have activities to help keep kids occupied!