We want to stay connected with you! Here are both text and audio files of recent sermons. These typically coordinate with our READING, REFLECTION, AND PRAYER GUIDES...  so make sure you take advantage of all our resources to help you grow spiritually!  Contact us if we can help:  info@firstb.net

Fall 2018:  This We Believe (Core Christian Commitments)

Summer 2018: The BIG Little People of the Bible (some lesser known but important people in Scripture)

Spring 2018:  James - Real Faith in the Real World

Lent/Easter 2018:  Jesus, Suffering Servant, Coming King

Fall 2017-Winter 2018:  Why We Do What We Do:  Church, Life, and Spiritual Growth

Summer 2017:  Psalms of Psummer:  Prayer for all Seasons

Spring 2017:   Prayer:  Power to the People