YETI Youth Online

Welcome to YETI Youth Online!

We’re excited to now offer an online interactive version of our youth ministry!

Sunday School

Each Sunday we’ll have a self-guided study for youth to complete at home, as part of our weekly online church service! Access it HERE

Wednesday Youth

We’re continuing our weekly youth group program on Wednesdays at 7pm through Zoom!

Each Week We’ll Have:
  • A teaching time
  • Small group discussions based on the lesson
  • Fun games/activities we can all do together online
  • Prayer
  • PLUS: some weeks there will be fun giveaways!
To Join Us:

STEP 1: Please access Zoom through either the Desktop client (mac or windows) or on the mobile app (via your device’s app store)

Important: Please do not access the sessions via your web browser. The website version only offers limited features and one specific feature we want to use requires the desktop client or mobile app

STEP 2: Enter our meeting code. It was sent out to youth/parents – if need it please email Kyle

STEP 3: Zoom works best if you have a webcam/mic. If you do not have these, you can still participate through the chat feature, but if you can get the webcam that would be great

Stay Connected

We also have lots of great content on social media, including our new weekly newsletter, resources, activity ideas, prize draws, and much more!

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If you any questions or run into any issues let me know!