Young Adults Online

Welcome to Young Adults Online!

We’re excited to offer an online version of our weekly young adult program on Mondays at 7pm through Zoom!

Weekly Bible Study 

Each week we have…

  • Time to connect
  • A fun game
  • Bible study
  • Prayer
We are currently studying Exodus 1-14

Monthly Fun Event

On the last Monday of the month we have a fun event in-place of Bible Study.
This month we’re doing an event called Music Montage on April 27 at 7pm

Zoom Access

STEP 1: Please access Zoom through either the Desktop client (mac or windows) or on the mobile app (via your device’s app store)

Important: Please do not access the sessions via your web browser. The website version only offers limited features and one specific feature we want to use requires the desktop client or mobile app

STEP 2: Enter our meeting code. It was sent out, but if need it please email Kyle

STEP 3: Zoom works best if you have a webcam/mic. If you do not have these, you can still participate through the chat feature, but if you can get the webcam that would be great

Stay Connected

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If you any questions or run into any issues let me know!


Email Kyle