We believe passionately that we are a missional people — called by God to know His love and to share that love with others. our mission field is local — Lethbridge — and global.
We want to share God’s love in Word, through evangelism — introducing people to Jesus. We also want to share God’s love in action — caring for the spiritual, physical, social, and emotional needs of people and God’s creation.

Refugee Sponsorship: We are working to sponsor Marilyn and Paul. a Karen (Myanmar) refugee couple, currently in Malaysia,  We have sponsored refugees from Syria, Bosnia, Cambodia, and other nations in the past. You are welcome to get involved by helping with friendship, with English, with transportation, and financially! Contact Kathy in the office (info@firstb.net, 403-327-2082)

Servant Saturdays: join us as we serve the city and people of Lethbridge in practical, hands on ways.  Contact mark@firstb.net

Here are other local opportunities to serve we are currently involved with (many of these have been on hold due to Covid-19, but are rebooting):

  • Adult Drop In — we provide a variety of fellowship, community-building, and class opportunities for adults in our neighbourhood on Thursday mornings.
  • Soup Kitchen — we make and serve lunch to those in need (3rd Tuesday of each month).
  • Food Banks — we collect food for our local food banks on the first Sunday of each month.
  • Quilts and sewing – quilters/sewers make amazing quilts/bags/backpacks that have been given to those in need on the Kainai First Nation, and through our short term mission trips overseas.
  • Days for Girls – practical help for girls in need.
  • New Canadian Ministry — we have new Canadians — refugees from Burma, Europeans, Latin Americans, Africans — who need friends to help them learn English and Canadian culture.
  • University/College Students — why not invite a student for lunch or dinner? Encourage those away from home with a home-cooked meal
  • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship — IVCF, on the university campus, welcomes our support.
  • Habitat for Humanity — each July, Habitat has a “blitz build” in the city.
  • Crossroads Counseling Centre — we support our local Christian counseling centre.
  • Mill Creek Baptist Camp — Our camp, which we support with other southern Alberta churches, needs summer staff and construction skills
  • Creation Care — we want to care for God’s creation: in the church, our homes, and community
  • Project Connect – twice each year, the City gathers service providers and resources for those who are homeless or nearly homeless. You can volunteer!
  • L’Arche Lethbridge – meets at our church weekly
  • Prison Chaplaincy
  • People from our church are involved in lots of things in our community including coaching sports teams, the Cancer Clinic, Alzheimer’s Society, reading in schools, Crisis Hotline, Social Housing in Action, Youth Emergency Shelter, school councils, and many, many more. We can help you connect.

Want to help out in the Church?  Here are some possibilities:

  • Prayer Ministry
  • Cleaning/fixing things
  • Teaching and helping with kids’ ministries
  • Serving coffee and tea after services
  • Helping with youth ministry
  • Visiting seniors and shut ins
  • Playing and/or singing on a worship team
  • Summer Day Camp ministry
  • Yard/lawn maintainence
  • Committees
  • Ushering and greeting

Contact one of the pastors.