Helping Your Teen Handle Money

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Part 1:

I hope you and your teen had a great summer. I have heard some of the students talking about summer jobs and making some money this summer. This month’s short Online Parenting Class is perfect! It is about “Helping Your Teen Handle Money.”

It is that time of year, whether it be helping your child handle the money they made this summer or thinking through how to manage the money your family is going to spend on back to school clothes and supplies. It is a perfect time to have open and honest discussion about money.

Each of the four hints are spot on to help you and your family think about the topic of money connected to your teenager. I hope it helps you and is some quick inspiration to create a philosophy and approach to money.


Part 2:

There was some good solid thoughts in there for parents and families to consider.

Encouraging Work Early. Is your tween/teen ready to take on a job? Even during the school year, could your child pick up a few hours at a local business on the weekends to make a little money but also learn some responsibility?

Open a Checking Account and Get a Debit Card. Even if you are not sure about opening a full checking account, would a pre-paid debit card work to teach your child how to better manage money?

Don’t Pay for Everything. Have you had a talk about the difference between “needs” and “wants”? Are you paying for everything, including the new version of things your child already has? What is that teaching them about money management?

Teach Generosity and Saving Early. When was the last time your child saw you stop and help someone in need? What conversations have you had about tithe and offering?

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