As a missional people, we support and are actively involved with God’s mission locally and globally.  We want people to hear in Word, and experience in deed the love of Jesus.

Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) is the global mission efforts of Canadian Baptists from coast to coast – including us.   Through global and national field staff in over 14 countries, CBM seeks to create lasting change in the name of Christ through grassroots leadership development sustainable community development, pioneer outreach, and global discipleship.

Canadian Baptist Ministries also coordinates emergency relief after disasters. When disasters happen, they work with national partners to get relief – quickly and effectively -to those most in need. After a disaster, donations can be made immediately through CBM.

Short Term Mission

Since February 2016 we have been part of an exciting partnership with Canadian Baptist Ministries to support, serve, and encourage the Fraternity of Baptist Churches of Cuba.  Some of the projects include recovery from Hurricane Irma, microcredit projects to support vulnerable families who want to start or develop a small business and leadership training on integral mission. Interested in being part of the team?  Contact Troy Taylor ( .

Before our Cuba involvement, we did several inter-generational short term mission trips to Chapalla, Mexico, in partnership with a local church.

Long Term Mission

We support the mission and ministry of people, from our own congregation, who are in long term mission work:

Through our denominational mission partner, Canadian Baptist Ministries, we have partners-in-mission:

Local-Global Partnerships

We are the founding partner for Days for Girls (Lethbridge Chapter), an international organization dedicated to creating a more free, dignified, and educated world, through providing lasting access to feminine hygiene solutions and health education. 

Refugee Sponsorship

  • We are currently working with a couple of Ukrainian families.
  • We have welcomed many Karen folk, from Myanmar, who are integral parts of our church community.
  • We recently sponsored a Syrian refugee family of 6. 
  • In the past we have sponsored refugees from other parts of the world.