Church Staff

Bruce Martin | Lead Pastor

Bruce provides overall leadership to our church. Originally from BC, Bruce has driven across Canada eight times ... and studied at UBC, Acadia University, University of Alberta, and Cambridge.  A geographer by background, he loves the dialogue between science and faith. He also enjoys football (Global and North American), painting, Doctor Who, Tim Horton's, and the impossible quest (this side of eternity) for the perfect dark chocolate.

You can email Bruce at

Kathy Jang is the Office Adminstrator at First Baptist Lethbridge. Kathy is most likely the first voice you hear when you call the church office.

Kathryn Jang | Office Administrator

Kathryn keeps the church running!  If you have any questions, she probably has the answers (yes, she is also a Trivial Pursuit Master!)

You can email Kathryn at

Mark Archibald | Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Mark loves helping people get to know Jesus and engage in mission. He also loves football, hockey, and most other sports!  If you want to connect through small groups, adult ministries, other educational programmes - or sports - Mark is your guy!

You can email Mark at Mark Archibald

Kyle Merkel | Pastor of Youth & Young Adults

Kyle provides leadership and direction for our youth and young adult (college/career) programmes.  From Didsbury, Alberta, Kyle loves things Star Wars-y, nerf guns, Risk, and Yetis.  He is working on a Master of Divinity degree at Carey Theological College.

You can email Kyle at Kyle Merkel

Troy Taylor | Associate Pastor

Troy works with us part-time as he studies at Carey Theological College (working on a Master of Divinity degree). Previously Troy was the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff worker on the University of Lethbridge campus. Troy bring a passion for God, a passion for people, and a passion to connect the two.

You can email Troy at

Angela Roman | Children’s Ministries Director

Angela works with our Sunday morning children's programmes.  If you have kids, love kids, enjoy kids, get excited about kids  ... you need to get to know Angela!

You can email Angela at

Matt Groenheide | Creative Arts/Worship Director

Matt is an amazing musician and experienced worship leader who helps shape our worship and arts.  A graduate of the Universities of Lethbridge and Southern Mississippi (in percussion!), Matt loves to help everyone be actively involved in worship ... whether or not you have great musical talent!

You can email Matt at