Sunday March 22


In crazy times, it's good to remember our lives are safe in the hands of Jesus, our Messiah, the Son of the Living God

Getting Started ...

We have created a service you can work your way through:  songs, prayer/scripture, more songs, sermon

We also have great children's/family resources and suggestions and youth resources

Lyrics for the songs are here

Bruce's Introduction

Call to Worship

Matt leads us in our call to worship

Opening Worship

Our God is a mighty God!  We CAN trust in Him!  (click on the song title to view the video)

To God Be the Glory

Jesus Messiah

Our God is an Awesome God

Break Every Chain


Prayerfully watch these songs as you reflect on the Scripture.  (click on the song title to view the video)

The Solid Rock 

Living Hope

Closing Song

"It IS Well With My Soul!"

(click on the song title to view the video)

That's a great reminder in the power and sovereignty of God these days.

Let us know what you think

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Prayer Requests

Your staff would love to pray for you.  Please feel free to call 403-327-2082 or email

Tithes & Offering

Though we are not gathering Sundays, please continue supporting our ministry.  We still have bills to pay and staff to care for.  Our help may be needed to help vulnerable people more than ever.  Stewardship Update

  • Mail in your cheque
  • Drop a cheque through the Tower Door mail slot
  • Sign up for automatic withdrawal
  • E-transfer to (no password)

Questions about any of these options? Call 403-327-2082 or email:

Kids' Kingdom

Angela has prepared AWESOME resources for kids and families for this week!

Click Here

She will provide new resources every week.

For previous weeks and other resources, check out the Kids' Kingdom Page

YETI Youth

Welcome to Sunday Youth!

This week we are continuing our movie study on "Son of God," which we began at the start of March at the church - click on HERE to access the self-guided lesson!

Note: For this study you will need to watch a clip of the movie, here are a few ways to do that:

  • Come by the church office and borrow the DVD from our church library (it is currently on the cart just inside the office doors)
  • Borrow the DVD from a friend
  • Buy or rent it from Itunes
  • Buy or rent it from Youtube

(This is week 3 of 4 for this video study). After that, our lessons will not require getting ahold of a movie like this

Parents: please check out this plugged-in review before letting your youth watch - or consider watching and discussing as a whole family 🙂


Check out the Lethbridge Support Circle Facebook Page - help if you can.

The story behind "It is Well With My Soul" is a powerful tale of resilience, through God's strength, in the face of overwhelming struggles in life.  Read about it here.